My Story

My Story

Hello!  My name is Tanya Kara.  I am the founder of Tanya Kara Jewelry and the author of this blog.  I was born to an Armenian father from Turkey and a Mexican mother from Durango, Mexico.  My father had his own Custom Jewelry Design business in Los Angeles, CA where he designed custom jewelry for many celebrities and athletes such as Tupac Shakur, Wilt Chamberlain and countless others.  I was very blessed because at an early age, my father would take me to work and teach me the ins and outs of the jewelry business and I thank him to this day for teaching me that anything is possible with a great and honest work ethic.  

Later on my mother opened up a small jewelry and accessories boutique in Laguna Beach, CA called Tannad Jewelry (Tanya for my name, and Nadya for my sister's name) and that is where my true passion began.  I was in LOVE with the fashion industry of Costume Jewelry, Handbags, etc. Once the economy tanked my mother decided to retire and thats when the idea of Tanya Kara Jewelry was born.

Over the past 5 years Tanya Kara Jewelry has not only grown, but is now the largest Fashion Jewelry Distribution Company in Orange County, CA.  Tanya Kara Jewelry is in boutiques, hair salons, medical spas and even tanning salons all across Orange County.

 In July 2012, was born and with the huge popularity boom in fashion jewelry and online shopping Tanya Kara Jewelry is now sold and worn globally!

About My Blog was created as a vehicle to connect with all of my customers and followers throughout all our social networks.   I am frequently emailed questions about how I started my business, what I do on a daily basis and so many other questions, I realized, our followers are really curious about the person behind Tanya Kara Jewelry!  With outfit posts, and motivational thoughts, now I better connect with our 60,000+  followers and customers throughout the world.

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