Thursday, November 20, 2014

Fur Vest

I'm BACK! Hi everyone! Yes, after my extra long pregnancy I am back here again.  As you guys know I took a little break because I gave birth to my second son three weeks ago.

I was supposed to take 6 weeks off Tanya Kara Jewelry but I couldn't stand being away from work for that long.  My first day back to work (very part time of course!) was two days ago and finding something to wear was definitely a challenge.  I had to find something to wear that didn't make me look like I just had a baby and was still in trend for the winter.

I decided to go with my black pleather leggings from Arden B with an awesome fur vest from Stacy's Closet and a super long tank top.  The fur vest was PERFECT because it hid my not-so-in-shape stomach.  

That's really all fashion is about is wearing what looks good on YOUR body.  No matter what body type you have you can find styles that hide your imperfections and make you look PERFECT.  After all, every girl has imperfections, so why not rock our perfections?!  If I can hide my post-baby body and make it look cute, anyone can do it!  Anyway, updates on my new life are the meantime enjoy my OOTD! 

Fur Vest: Stacy's Closet || Leggings: Arden B || Arrow Necklace: Tanya Kara Jewelry || Gold Ring: Tanya Kara Jewelry (click here) || Bangle Bracelet: Tanya Kara Jewelry (click here) || Shoes: Chinese Laundry

Pregnancy Update:  Well my update is I'm not pregnant anymore! Woohoo! I went into labor at 40 weeks and 3 days and boy did it feel like I was pregnant forever!!! The last 3 weeks of my pregnancy definitely dragged on and I am so glad it's over!  On a brighter note, I gave birth to my 2nd son on 10-28-14 at 9 lbs and 8 ounces, 20 1/2 inches, naturally.  By naturally I mean no c-section because I definitely got an epidural, but I went into the hospital and I was already 6 cm dialated!  I went into the hospital at 9pm and gave birth at 12:55am so I'm really lucky because it was a really quick labor.  Thank you God, Amen!  

New Mommy of 2 Update:  The last three weeks have been really tough for me because I've transitioned from taking care of one 5 year old, to taking care of a 5 year old AND a newborn.  It was really overwhelming for the first 2 weeks but now I kind of feel like I am getting the hang of it.  One skill I'm working on is becoming more organized since I have 2 businesses I run PLUS I am also a full-time mom with no nanny or no help (other than their fabulous, amazing dad...thanks honey!), so I'm definitely utilizing my planner on a daily basis and in addition now I get EVERTHING ready the night before for me and my 2 boys, so hopefully I can keep it up.  How do you stay organized? 

Thanks again you guys for all the kind words, the encouragement, the nice messages on Instagram and Twitter.  I really love you guys.  You guys motivate me and you mean more to me than you know!  

Let me know if you have any advice on how to juggle 2 kids to a newbie mom of two like me on IG or Twitter :) xoxo..TIL NEXT TIME!!!

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