Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Confidence || Your Best Accessory

Confidence is a woman's best accessory.  Confidence can add a completely different look to your outfit just based on how you carry yourself!

Being almost 10 months pregnant, in my final stretch, sometimes I don't feel up for dressing up or looking my best because of my huge tummy, but then I realize that confidence will make all the difference in my outfits, and it does.  I CHOOSE that a big stomach is not going to stop me from looking and feeling my BEST!

No matter what situation we are in, how we "think" we look or feel, the lesson that I learned that I want to share with the world is that everyday is a blessing and we are so lucky to be walking this earth because tomorrow is not promised, and everyday is a gift to us, so why not look beautiful and glamorous no matter what the situation is?!

Fact of the matter is, when we look better we FEEL better.  So next time you think, "I need to lose weight first," "I don't feel well," "I'm sad so I'm not going to get dressed up," get the point, remember that everyday is a gift and if you LOOK better, you will FEEL better!  

Not only will you feel better, but when opportunities arise, you will be more likely to attract them to you when you look happy, good and like you have your ish together!  So ladies, take it from a girl with a huge belly, choose to look good, feel good, and rock it with confidence! Hope you guys enjoy this post!

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Pregnancy Update:  I am 38+ weeks pregnant!  Basically the baby is ready to come out but it is just a matter of waiting.  I am growing impatient by the day, but I am so grateful that I am healthy and baby is healthy. Thanks you guys for the ongoing support and kind words on Insta and Twitter. <3 I'll keep ya'll posted!


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