Monday, February 17, 2014

Do What You Love!

Many of you have been asking me how I have grown my online jewelry store to where it is today.  The answer to that is simple!

To achieve success, dedicate your life to what you are truly passionate about. If you do what you love with a positive attitude and great work ethic while helping others through your talents, you will become unstoppable and truly successful. The first step is finding out what you want to do and then commit to that and never give up.

Here's the simplified version:
1. Decide what you are put on this earth to do.  If you say "I don't know" my answer to you is, "Yes you do!" Your intuition is telling you EXACTLY what your passion and dreams are, don't let your fears talk you out of it and make you say "I don't know."

2. Do what you love with a positive attitude.  Things are going to be tough and obstacles will come up, just keep a positive attitude because energy is everything and being positive will attract more positivity to your life during the tough times.

3. Create a great work ethic.  One thing about me is I work 7 days a week 8-12 hours a day.  Why? Because I LOVE what I do.  I'm not saying you have to work that much to become successful, but the point is, you have to be consistent and work hard.  Work isn't work for me. It is FUN. When you start to do what you love as your career, your work becomes your happiness and hobbies.

4. Help others.  No one ever becomes successful with out helping others.  I help others by providing jewelry for women to make them feel beautiful and to help them stay fashion-forward.  I also help others by always posting inspirational quotes to add positivity to people's lives.  What can you do to help others?

5. Commit to what you want to do and don't stray from it.  I once read a quote that said, "You will never fail unless you quit." Decide what you are put on this earth to do, what makes you happy, and create a life for yourself doing that. Don't let ANYONE discourage you.  If someone tells you something you cannot do, or why you shouldn't do it, remember, it is because that is what THEY THINK THEY CAN'T DO. It has nothing to do with you.

You are unstoppable! Anything is possible. 

Love you guys and Happy President's Day!

Tanya Kara

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