Sunday, August 10, 2014

My Pregnancy Outfits

Hey guys!  Here's a look back at all my pregnancy outfits throughout the year. Hope they help all you chic and fashionable mama-to-be's!

1st Trimester Outfits
First Trimester is all about flaunting what you got!  Soon tight dresses will be a thing of the past so find yourselves a stretchy form fitting dress and werk it!

2nd Trimester Outfits
Second trimester is all about stretchy, stretchy, stretchy.  You can still wear form fitting outfits but they have to have some stretch.  By this point, even pants are uncomfortable so load up on the fashionable yet comfy clothes! Hint: Lots of maxi dresses are a must!

3rd Trimester Outfits 
The third trimester is all about flowy and loose dresses.  Right now the doctor says I will start gaining 1 pound a week, so the flowier the dress the better!

I really want to thank you all for all the positivity and supportive emails, texts, Instagram comments, facebook comments, etc!  I am so grateful for each and every one of you!

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Chic Mama Pregnancy Outfit Inspirations!

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