Sunday, October 5, 2014

Sunday is such a great day to reflect on the previous week.  What did I achieve?  What are my goals?  Did I work towards my goals efficiently this week?

The Battle of Multi-Tasking
Life can get tough, especially with kids, school, work, career, and all the different things we have to multi-task in our lives, but it is SO important to always have tunnel vision and stay focused on our dreams and goals.

At times one can put kids, work, school, career all ahead of our dreams.  It can even be a form of procrastination, knowing you need to do something, but rushing off to do something that is within our comfort zone instead of working on our dreams.

Doubt and Fear 
Don't let doubt and fear stop you from pursuing what you REALLY want to do in life.  Life is so short and things aren't always going to be the same.  You aren't always going to be in the position you are in now, things may get better, things may get tougher, but start working on your dreams NOW.  There is no point in waiting.  You will one day look back and wish you started now.

Already working on your dreams?  
I challenge you to look at yourself and say, am I really putting EVERYTHING I have into my dreams?  Most of us do not, and that is what differentiates someone who is extremely successful and someone who is not.

I know sometimes I let things get in my way and I have to work really hard to stay focused on my vision which is why this quote really struck me.

What is failure?  My definition of failure is doing something and the outcome of it not being what we wanted it to be so we label it as a failure.  But actually what the undesirable outcome is, is God (or whatever higher power you believe in), showing us something that we needed to learn so we can try again in a different way and be extremely better at it or even extremely successful the 2nd, 3rd,  4th, 5th (you get the point) time around.  "Failure" = you are now closer to success.

"Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will."  
Don't let doubt and fear cause you to procrastinate on working on your dreams or do what you know you should be doing.

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