Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Nail Stickers Fun

As we all know Nail Art has recently become a HUGE trend.  It seems as though every time I sign on Instagram I see a new nail design that I want to try!

I used to be one of those people who never did their own nails.  I would go for my bi-weekly mani/pedi and get gel nail polish to make sure my nails don't looked chipped and un-kept.  Once nail art became popular I decided to give it a try and now i'm hooked!

One of my newest nail experiments were the L'Oreal Nail Lingerie Stickers.  This particular product comes in many different styles.  In this post I used Statement Piece 700.  Here's how to apply these beauties.

Step 1: Apply a base.  

I use essie's "all in one" base which is great because you can use this as a base and a top coat.  This will ensure your nail polish will stay on longer.

Step 2: Apply your nail polish.  

In this nail post I used CoverGirl's Outlast Stay Brilliant Nail Polish #285.  I was really happy with the great quality of this nail polish.  Apply 2 coats and wait 5 minutes.  Apply your top coat.

Step 3: Apply your nail stickers on each individual nail.  

You definitely want to wait at least half a day before applying your nail stickers on your nails after applying nail polish.  You want your nail polish to be completely hardened and dry.

Take out the nail stickers and apply a sticker on each nail. File down the left over sticker that does not fit your nail. 

Tanya Tip: Give the nail stickers one day of wear before you judge the quality of them.  I was very unhappy the first day because I could not get the ends to stop ripping and I started to think that they made my nails look raggedy.  I was even considering removing them when I got home.  At the end of that day I looked down and the nail stickers had completely formed to my nails and they looked great!  Just FYI ;)

I definitely recommend these nail stickers.  The only downfall to these particular stickers are that they don't come with a nail file.  Other brands such as CoverGirl provide the nail file for you in the nail sticker packet to make it easier on you, however other than that these are great!  Just make sure to pick up a nail file if you don't already have one at home.

What I Wore, Who I Wore:
Top Coat: essie "all in one" (find similar here)
Nail Polish: CoverGirl #285 (find it here)
Nail Stickers: L'Oreal Nail Lingerie #700 (find it here) 
Gold Cross Midi RingTanya Kara Jewelry (find it here)
Bow Midi Ring: Tanya Kara Jewelry (find it here) 
Gold Cross Bracelet: Tanya Kara Jewelry (Gold- sold out, Find Silver Here
Silver Hamsa Bracelet: Tanya Kara Jewelry (find it here)

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