Thursday, June 12, 2014

WE ARE ENERGY : A Key To Success

I met a woman yesterday that touched me and inspired me to write this article.  To make a long story short I had just met her and some how she started telling me about her husband, and father of two children.

This woman has been with her husband for 15 years, 5 of which they have been married and she found out recently that her husband has had a girlfriend since the beginning of the year and she has been so devastated and is filing for a divorce.  I was SO HURT for her, especially while I was watching her beautiful two little boys under the age of four running around.  I thought, OMG this lady is fighting such a hard battle right now.  I couldn't imagine being with my husband for 15 years, having two young kids with him, then come to find out he has another relationship going on.   After walking away from the conversation, I was so effected.  Not necessarily in a negative way, but I couldn't stop thinking about the battle she is fighting in her life right now.

I share this story with YOU because this inspired me and inspired some thoughts I am compelled to share with the world.  We are all going through our personal problems.  We all have something in our life that is VERY challenging and seems so permanent.  Some people don't and are at a happy place in their lives right now but they still remember a very challenging time.

What I realized (even though deep down I knew) is that we are all going through SOMETHING in our lives.  When you are walking around this earth, every person you run into, whether you know it or not, is going through something hurtful, difficult, challenging or stressful.  If not at that exact moment, they did go through something tough that made them who they are today.

I feel inspired to inspire YOU with this message.  We are energy.  We all have energy and we all EXERT energy.  What I mean by that is if you are extra happy, and you walk around the world with your happy energy, you go to Starbucks and are nice to everyone, you go to work and have a happy mood, you go home to your family and have a happy energy, you will exert happiness into the world and make others happier.

The way we act affects others SO MUCH, more than we can imagine.  Every little action, face expression and thing you say exerts an energy into the world.  

What kind of energy are you exerting into the world?! 

We are all going through challenges or have gone through challenges.  So to say "I can't be happy because...." or "I have a sad energy because...." is a choice because guess what, EVERYONE is going through challenges.

How do you choose to act today?  How do you choose to affect the world today?  How do you choose to affect your kids today?  How do you choose to affect your family and friends today?  Are you going to affect people positively today or will you exert a sad, negative mood?

Your happiness and positive attitude can and will make A HUGE DIFFERENCE in the world.

If you are in this world, working hard to succeed, you have goals and are working hard to meet them, this shift itself will bring success to you. If you start being happy and nice to everyone you meet and walk around the work with a positive attitude, no matter what you are going through in your life, you will attract far more success to you than you have ever seen.

You will start to see new doors open up and new opportunities approaching you, all because you walk around the world and act from an energy of happiness.

I know at times it will be easy to be happy and at times it may be tough (when life gets hard), but if we are consistently happy and exert positive energy we will attract amazing things and people to us and create a better environment for those around us.

So as you start your days, think to yourself, "I am energy.  Everyone I talk to today will be affected by me including my friends, family, kids, strangers, co-workers, etc.  I choose to be happy and exert a POSITIVE energy to the world."

I'd like to thank the woman that I met yesterday for opening up my eyes to see that we are all fighting a battle and it is up to us to control our energy, mood and actions to create a better world for ourselves and those around us.  I send positive energy her way.

Happy Thursday and I wish you all a beautiful, happy, successful day full of strength and the readiness to make it through everything!


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