Monday, July 21, 2014

How To Be Happy No Matter What

Life can throw us many curve balls!  Sometimes things are AMAZING and then its starts to turn for the worst.  They say when it rains it pours and I am here to say....when it starts pouring just start dancing and singing in the horrendous pouring rain!

Here are my tips on how to be happy regardless of the drama, circumstances and problems in life!

Step 1:
Find out what the EXACT problem is and come up with a plan.  It is very important to solve any problems that have come your way.  Instead of sulking or being sad about a negative circumstance that has come into your life, think really hard [without being emotional] on what the real problem is.  Forget the drama and the stress, really think about what the main problem is that is causing all the negativity in your life.  Then, come up with a plan.  How can you solve that problem?  What are some things you can do to make the situation better?

Step 2:
Stick to the plan. Once you decide what the problem is and you come up with a plan, execute it!  Sometimes problems go away right away and sometimes they don't!  Just understand that once you realize what the issue is, and you have come up with a solution, you have to execute your plan and LET GO!  

Life is too precious to sulk or let things effect our hard work and careers.  You are the most important person in your life.  Even if you have kids, if you don't take care of you, and if you are not happy, then how do you expect to be the best mom or the best you?

Step 3:
Realize who your real friends are. When things are tough, that is a good time to analyze who's really there for you and who's not.  Where are your problems coming from?  You don't want the SAME problems to repeat in your life all the time, so really look at where your problems are rooting from and if it is the same people that are causing a storm in your calm happy life, then maybe its time you realize that you need to distance yourself. 

A good friend will empower you, uplift you, encourage you, love you, and support your vision and dreams.  If anyone is tearing you down or causing negativity, it's time to distance yourself!  

Step 4: 
Happiness is a CHOICE!  Realize your life is short and precious.  Lastly, realize that life is too short to be sulking or letting negativity affect us!  YOU are worthy of a happy life, so choose to live it.  Happiness is truly a choice.  Follow steps 1 and 2, figure out what the problem is and come up with a plan.  Stick with your plan and be strong.  It is not easy to let go of really bad situations, but it is possible.  Let go of negativity and be the best you you can be and I promise, the drama will pass and you will be further along because you didn't let the negativity affect you [that bad :)].  Then analyze the situation and make a decision to let go of negative people in your life so you can continue to grow and be happy!  

You are put on this earth for a purpose.  Find out what that purpose is and live it out and BE HAPPY!  I am here to encourage you to put your heart and soul into your life and when the storm arrives, just dance and sing and smile and decide that YOU ARE HAPPY NO MATTER WHAT!

Love you guys!


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