Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Fall 2014 Jewelry Trends

Fall 2014 Jewelry Trends
Since jewelry is my passion, today I am sharing with you guys some of the latest jewelry trends that I see quickly coming up this season! 
This fall, midi rings, body chains and gold chains have taken over the runway and the Hollywood scene.  Although these may be trends that have already been creeping in since the summer, this fall it is all about layering the jewelry on and adding more than you would in the summer.

Gold Chains
Layer layer layer!  This fall it is all about the chunky gold chain jewelry.  Going out?  Pair your chunky gold chain jewelry with a body chain!  This layered chain will add some glam to your outfit keeping you right on trend.  

Midi Rings
Midi rings have been around for a little while now in the fashion world, but this fall it is all about MORE MIDIS!  The trend started off as wearing one or two midi rings, but this season, the more the merrier!  Stack those midi rings on both hands giving a boho yet trendy look to your outfit.

Body Chains
Body chains were the hottest trend for this summer's pool parties!  A dainty body chain over or under your bathing suit added just an extra tad of sexiness!  Well, this fall the body chains are in more than ever except now you can wear it over or under your clothes!  Wear a sexy dainty body chain under your crop top or over a fitted dress or romper for a night out.  To glam it up, add a chunky statement necklace over your body chain.  Body chains are IT this season.  Get yours here.

What's your favorite Fall Jewelry Trend???



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