Monday, September 22, 2014

Summer To Fall Flawless Skin

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Can you believe it is almost Fall?!  Where has the time gone?
Time to put those flip flops away and bring out the boots....woohoo!! 

Yesterday, I paired my favorite maternity dress by H&M, which is actually not techinically maternity, but I made it into one :) with the most comfy pair of heels I own.  Being that I am almost due (just a few more weeks to go!), I definitely carried some sandals with me in my purse too.

As I say goodbye to the summer, I'm starting to say hello to the blotchiness on my skin.  Little dark spots are coming out due to my visits to the beach this summer and of course normal every day sun contact.  I tried out the Visibly Even line by Neutrogena to help achieve my everyday on-the-go clear skin look and I absolutely fell in love.  

The Visibly Even Line by Neutrogena is formulated with ESSENTIAL SOY and is clinically proven to effectively and gently deliver visible results helping reduce the look of blotchiness and improves the skin's texture while minimizing the look of dark spots caused by acne and sun damage.

I loved Neutrogena's Visibly Even Foaming Cleanser's little exfoliating beads.  It gives my skin such a clean and fresh feeling when I am done washing my face.  This cleanser not only does a great job washing away dirt and oil, but it doesn't over-dry my skin.  Smells super amazing too!

The moisturizers are awesome too.  For those of you that are on the go like me, try the Neutrogena Visibly Even BB Cream.  I love the light coverage it gives me and it even contains Essential Soy, a natural skin brightener that helps improve overall skin radiance and even skin tone in just 4 weeks.  This BB Cream is great to throw on when your in a rush to get out of the house, take the kids to school in a hurry kind of morning, because of the pretty tint it gives your skin while still protecting you from the sun with an SPF30.

I'm really happy I've been using this line because I know as I get older it is SO important to take care of my skin.  So this season, as we get ready for the fall, make sure to not only transition your wardrobe but to transition your skin care routine to prevent blotchiness, dry skin and an uneven skin tone that the fall and winter can bring! xoxo

Pregnancy Update: Just a few weeks to go!  I've definitely started transitioning my heels into flats OR wearing heels for a special occasional with some flats in my purse JUST incase.  I'm feeling huge, and it is SO hard to move around but I'm thankful that I am healthy and on track to have a healthy baby!  Thanks everyone for all the amazing love and positivity <3

Dress: H&M || Handbag: Tanya Kara || Jewelry: Tanya Kara Jewelry || Shoes: Marshalls || Skincare: Neutrogena || Lipgloss: Covergirl 



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