Friday, December 5, 2014

Cantinflas & My 50's Look

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This past weekend I had the pleasure of watching Cantinflas, the untold story of Mexico's greatest and most beloved comedy film star.  Being that I am half Mexican, I grew up hearing about Cantinflas, so I was excited to watch this movie to see what he was all about and ended up being truly inspired by this movie and by the story of his life.

Cantinflas is a unique tale of one man's journey from modest beginnings to superstardom.  Once he figured out what he was put on this earth to do, he stayed true to his vision and stayed true to what he believed in.  At the end of the movie he was extremely successful and his story is quite remarkable. 


If you are a dreamer, a visionary, a go-getter, this movie is a must-see.  To read more about Cantinflas click here.

The movie Cantinflas made me reflect on my own life.  It confirmed my beliefs that once you find out what your passion is and start to pursue it, obstacles will come, failures will happen, but if you stay true to yourself and keep pursuing your passion huge successes will come your way.  Cantinflas started off in a small town working random odd jobs, stumbled into small-town bars and theatres, and when he fell in love with comedy and pursued it, he eventually became famous and ended up being nicknamed "The Charlie Chaplin of Mexico". 

This movie also inpsired me to be myself.  Sometimes I can get caught up into trying to "fit in" or do things that are "cool" but in the movie Cantinflas became successful by being the quirky, funny guy that everyone grew to love. So today I urge everyone to be yourself.  Be the YOU that is inside and not the YOU that everyone wants you to be!....and that my dear is what will make you successful. 

Other than the movie being inspirational in life, it was inspirational fashion-wise too.  I loved how all the women dressed in the 50' cute!  Lots of fur, headbands, flowy high-waisted skirts..I mean what is there not to love?  Here is my re-created 50's look inspired by Cantinflas' wife and all the pretty ladies in the movie.  Enjoy!

Skirt, Top, Headband & Shoes: Forever 21 || Earrings: Tanya Kara Jewelry (click here)

Love you guys!  Remember, dream big!

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