Tuesday, December 16, 2014

I'm Not Like A Regular Mom, I'm A Cool Mom!

Today I bring you one of my FAVORITE Instagram Accounts/ Kids Clothing Stores online....Finomenon Kids.  You may know Finomenon Kids by their "SUP" shirts on Instagram that has been the biggest rage, but today I bring you something just as cool!  I introduce to you the "Cool Mom Tee" and "In My Prime" Tee .  

Sometimes as busy moms, we don't have a bunch of time to go all out and create a super trendy outfit for the day, so these T-Shirts are perfect for those days!  You guys have no idea how many compliments my son and I got on our T-shirts!  

Finomenon Kids has an awesome kids selection and even an adult selection..oh and I love their hat selection too!  You can see a better look at our shirts and outfit posts below!

Cool Mom Tee by Finomenon Kids (click here to read more)
Rings By Tanya Kara Jewelry (click here and click here)

In My Prime Shirt By Finomenon Kids (click here to read more)

Keds Sneakers|| Nordstrom Rack

Kids Toms || Nordstrom Rack

My Jeans|| Foreign Exchange - His Jeans|| IZOD from Amazon.com

If you guys aren't following Finomenon Kids on Instagram...YOU HAVE TO! They have the cutest pictures ever...oh, and so does their website!  

Let me know what you guys think, and make sure to tag me if you end up getting your kids super cute clothes from Finomenon Kids!

Until next time, stay glamorous!!!!


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