Thursday, May 29, 2014

How To Accessorize A Black Outfit: Leopard Accessories


There are some of us in the world that just love wearing black....GUILTY! It's not that I don't like color, but I love wearing all black!  So lately i've been experimenting on how to accessorize a black outfit to add some trend and chicness to an almost boring all-black look.  

I absolutely love leopard print, so a nice touch to a black outfit is accessorizing with leopard print and gold.  This will give it some style in a very easy way.  Being a mom, I definitely need "easy" in my life! 

The key to this leopard print and all black look is to not over-do the leopard print accessories.  Spread them apart.  For example, notice how I wore the necklace at the top half of my body, a leopard print handbag, and then leopard print shoes at the bottom half of my body.  You want to keep them all spread out!

Outfit details below!

 Leopard Print Necklace: Tanya Kara Jewelry (Buy It Here)

Gold Bracelet: Tanya Kara Jewelry (Buy It Here)

So if you are in a rush, and have to look chic, throw on all black outfit, some leopard print accessories and you will look super fabulous! 

Tanya Kara

What I Wore, Who I Wore From Head To Toe:
Pink Lipstick: Forever 21 Pink Chiffron (Buy It Here)
Leopard Print Necklace: Tanya Kara Jewelry (Buy It Here)
Spike Shirt: Forever 21 (Find Similar Skirt/Top Look Here)
Gold Bracelet: Tanya Kara Jewelry (Buy It Here)
 Black Skirt: H&M (Buy It Here)
Leopard Print Handbag: Tanya Kara (Find Similar Here)
Leopard Print Shoes: L.A.M.B (Find Similar Here)

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Paulina Mo said...

Tanya you look stunning! love all your accessories!