Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Is Social Media Distracting You From Achieving Your Goals?

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In a world full of notifications, text messages, tweets, iphones and ipads, it almost seems necessary to stay on our phones and devices to stay in the loop of life!  This can be very true however is social media distracting you from achieving your goals?  Here are my top 5 tips on how to use social media to help get you THAT MUCH CLOSER to achieving your goals.

1. NO STALKING!!!!! Okay okay, so I know sometimes we might get carried away and start looking at our friend's wedding pictures, or our cousin's vacation pictures, but make sure you don't spend more than 5 minutes looking at other people's pictures.  Before you know it, it will be 10pm, time for you to get ready to go to bed, and you thought, omg i've been on facebook for an hour and a half just looking around at peoples pages and I accomplished nothing!!!! Don't let this be you!  Action creates success.  If you are going to be on social media for an hour and a half, make sure it helps excel and better YOU!

2. NO NEGATIVITY!!! Don't go on facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc and talk about how bad your day was or how annoyed you are at haters, etc etc.  Keep it positive!!! You never know what opportunities are coming your way but are then scared away with your negative energy! Yes, we all have bad days, but call a friend or family member and tell them about it, don't vent on social media.  You never know who is reading your comments and may get turned off with the negativity. 

3. Use Social Media To Show Off Your Expertise. There is something that we are all good at.  Whether you are a realtor, a shoes salesperson, a fashion designer or financial analyst, social media can help bring unique opportunities to you!  Start talking about current news that relates to your field of work or share some interesting facts about what it is that you do and before you know it you may have a new client or even a new and improved job opportunity.  It is all about planting the seed.  If you genuinely talk about what you are passionate about for long enough on social media, people will start to consider you "the expert" of your field and wouldn't think of going to anyone else but you! (Remember, this takes time.  Don't expect people to come running to you to buy this or hire you for that. It takes time to gain people's trust.)

4. Use Social Media To Make Money. There are so many opportunities available nowadays to make money using social media.  You can use Instagram, Facebook and Twitter to link people to a website you create,  you can offer consulting to teach people how to do something you are really good at, or you can even advertise what it is you do in your career to gain clients.  This goes right along with #3, if you become "the expert" in what you do, people will start coming to you just because they trust you from reading all your social media posts!  Now you can be on social media for hours, stay in the loop, talk to friends, and be making money, bringing you THAT MUCH CLOSER to your goals!

5. Create A Positive Social Media Image Of Yourself.  As the future continues, the world is transitioning into an online only world.  Soon everything will be bought online, communication will dominantly be done via texts, emails and social media and a major part of what represents you will be how you are perceived on social media.  Post all positive messages and pictures and share your passion with others and the sky is the limit!

Use social media to achieve your goals quicker!  The tools are there....are you using them??

Let me know how this all works out for you! 


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