Friday, July 4, 2014

Target Haul: Patriotic Beauty

Happy 4th Of July !!!!!

What a beautiful time of year!!!! 4th of July is one of my favorite holidays because it is right in the middle of the summer, perfect for swimming, BBQing, hanging out with our loved ones and a fun mini vaca from life!

I went to Target to get some goodies to help me be more festive and here is what I came home with...

                                      Necklace: Tanya Kara (click here) || Rings: Tanya Kara (click here and here)

I painted my nails red and blue and added the Gold Jewels Maybelline Polish over it giving my patriotic nails a golden glittery top coat.

I absolutely love the color of my lips for the 4th!  I went with L'Oreal's London Red lipstick which looks amazing not just for the 4th but for everyday use!

My newest accessory that I probably will be rocking ALL 4th of July weekend is my new "Golden Princess" head chain from my Tanya Kara Jewelry Accessories line.  I love adding gold to my red white and blue accessories.  It adds some glam and still keeps the patriotic look.

In the picture above I am wearing my Ardell 105 eyelashes.  This is by far my favorite pair of lashes because it is the perfect length for day or night and it adds the perfect amount of length and volume to your lashes.

I've been looking for a good anti-wrinkle night cream, so I decided to pick this bottle up.  I have only tried it for one night and so far I liked the creaminess and the amount of moisture it gave my skin.  I will let you guys know in 4 weeks what kind of results I have with this night cream! 

Lastly, I had to pick up a small 4th of July gift for my son.  I went to the dollar section at target and picked him up an elmo snack container, an elmo sandwich box (which I LOVE to use for his school lunches) and then I also bought some Kids Banana Boat Sunblock and Wet Ones for the weekend. 

Happy 4th of July to all my followers. I love you all so much and I hope you enjoy your holiday!

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